Image by Luisa Brimble

Hello and thank you for dropping by my little corner of the web, Local is Lovely.

I am a freelance food writer, home cook and fledgling photographer and live on a farm just west of Orange, NSW with my husband Tim and two children Alice (7) and Tom (5). We farm and raise deer according to holistic practices and then sell our venison at markets and butcher shops around the country. Our business is called Mandagery Creek Venison and in addition to the markets we also supply some of Australia’s top restaurants. 

Before moving to Orange ten years ago, I worked in food and lifestyle magazines as a features editor then editor and from 2001-2003 lived in north-west Italy, working for the Slow Food movement’s editorial house. Yes it was a dream job! And one of the main things I took away from this time with Slow Food was that a good way to change the way people source, share and consume their food (for the better) is by making it a pleasurable and user-friendly exercise. This is what I’m hoping to achieve with Local is Lovely. 

I started this blog three years ago to celebrate nice farmers like us and share recipes, and stories not only from our own farm, but others plus kitchens and markets across the country. My recipes are simple, seasonal and fresh and I hope, will inspire more people to source their food as locally as possible; because it’s lovely!

I have never wanted my blog to be a place of criticism and negativity. As someone whose primary income depends on agriculture I feel there’s enough of that ‘out there’ already. And though I have the courage of my conviction in these issues, I’m far from qualified to make any public statements about the politics of food production and distribution. Instead I hope that by keeping up this space as somewhere that celebrates farmers and their responsible, ethical farming practices in a way that is always fresh, bright and inspiring, well, I hope that this means I’m using what skills and passions I have to help support healthy food production and consumption, even in a small way.

I am always interested in hearing from producers and farmers about collaborating on new projects so if you’d like to chat, please email me on [email protected]