The Friday List


The Friday List, a semi-weekly round-up of good things to read, cook and share, has been on a little break of late, but today at least, it’s back! Oh and yay for cherries – we are off to pick our first haul of the season from a friend’s orchard this afternoon and I can’ t wait. Actually I couldn’t wait, so cheated and bought these from nearby (and warmer) Young last week and they were golden delicious.

And still on things festive, a big thank you to local artist Amelia Herbertson for my gorgeous new Christmas header.

The Friday List

Lovely Flore wrote this blog post about our most recent Local is Lovely workshop and it’s pretty much the best testimonial I could have ever asked for (not that I did – promise). Thanks Flore!

Have only just discovered this blog and am loving every post.

Wonderful story about one of my favourite shops, Odgers Mcclelland Exchange Stores in Nundle – who by the way have a fancy new website stocked to the brim with enamelware and carefully collected pieces for the kitchen and garden.

These zaatar roasted carrots and cauliflower over salted yogurt are going on the menu of a farm kitchen lunch soon.

And how amazing does this chocolate chip, hazlenut and pomegranate cake look!

As soon as figs come in to season I’m going to make this zucchini spaghetti with walnut, chilli pesto and fresh figs. Yum scrum.  this looks like perfection for a hot summer’s night.

Baked donuts with candied thyme? I think I love this idea

I am completely in love and inspired by every image and recipe posted on Our Food Stories, these guys are what I aspire to. For example….this blueberry and elderberry macaron post. Am going to wait for the elderberries to ripen on our farm and make a batch myself. And these stuffed zucchini flowers are also going on the summer cooking list too.

If you ever feel hamstrung in your creative efforts by the idea that everything’s been done before – please watch this interview with author Elizabeth Gilbert who says, in a nutshell, that yes, everything has been done before but not by you – you’re allowed to add to the pile. Thank you for sending this my way Luisa Brimble.

Last week Orange hosted its first ever TEDx event, I was there and loved every minute. The talks were all fantastic and can be seen here. And ps, this one on how to sound smart in your TED talk is a good laugh.

If you love chutney and hate food waste (who doesn’t), then watch this funky video from Eat Me Chutneys. I met Ankit and his Mum when we were all doing the North Sydney markets a few years ago and fell for their delicious chutneys without having any idea of the awesome back story – basically that these two chutney warriors are saving wonky fruit and vegetables from being discarded by turning it all into delicious preserves. It’s a great story about really great people.


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    Oh Sophie! Thank you SO much for the mention, cannot tell you how incredibly thrilled i am to be on your friday list! So utterly flattered that you like my blog!
    Just read the recap of the workshop as well and WOW! How i wish i were there <3 it looks absolutely magical! Xx

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