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Advertising and collaborating with Local is Lovely

Local is Lovely is a space that celebrates community, good seasonal food and the people behind it. I love a good collaboration and there are many options for working with me and Local is lovely;

  • You can take a sidebar advertisement on the blog.
  • We can create a series of sponsored posts featuring original photography and recipes (feel free to keep all the images for your own library too).
  • Image library; for a very reasonable price I can shoot you an image library to use across social media channels and editorial story pitches. So the next time somebody asks you for a high resolution, beauty shot of your farm/product/B&B/cafe/recipe etc, you can send them something gorgeous straight away.
  • Recipe development; I can develop, style and photograph original recipes showcasing your product/produce.
  • Reviews and giveaways; I’d love to write about and help spread the word about your new release/idea/event/project etc…
  • Events; lets chat about co-hosting a workshop or doing a special event at our Farm Kitchen.

And that’s just to name a few…Please get in touch if keen to chat and we can make a plan.

[email protected] or 0400 032 326


Image by Ian Jansen