Iced tea, apple cake and the lovely Emiko Davies – workshop recap

Emiko workshop collage

Emiko Davies is a true Renaissance woman (fitting then that she lives in Florence hey!); she is a intuitive cook, an excellent food writer, photographer, artist and Mum. She has a background in fine arts, knows her way around Florence’s galleries and churches like nobodys business and has an infectious, thoughtful passion for sharing stories,…

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Figs, honey labne and rosemary crackers

I am the first to admit that I get a bit ‘adjective-y’ when fig season comes around. They are hands down my favourite fruit; just so incredibly special and delicious. And so, with their precariously short season and even shorter shelf life, when the time comes; we binge, we pick and buy in bulk and…

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Blackberry loaf cake and ice cream

I’ve said it before, and will say it again and again – blackberries aren’t much fun to pick. The thorns are horrible and can dig in for days, there’s always the thought of a nest of snakes right beneath the juiciest bunch of berries and because it’s February, it’s always hot and dusty. But…and it’s…

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Apricot white chocolate pops

Happy new year everyone! We celebrated the first day of 2017 with a quiet day at home on the farm; a few jobs to do, a monopoly game, naps and now, a movie and these  roasted apricot and white chocolate ice creams. The perfect thing to be eating and writing about at this time of…

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Favourites list and Happy Christmas!

Happy Christmas! Before we all go into festive lock down, I just wanted to swing by and say thanks so much for hanging out with me here on Local is Lovely this year. I also wanted to share a little mixed bag of things I’ve read, cooked, seen, done and loved this past month or…

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My (temporary) Tuscan kitchen

A Sunday morning in Tuscany. It’s May, church bells are ringing, washing is dangling out of small windows in wonky stone farm houses, wildflowers are brushing against my knees and I’m lost in an overgrown, terraced olive grove. Well not quite lost, but I’ve wandered too far off the track to retrace my steps so…

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For the love of rhubarb, blossoms and Gillian Bell x

The absolute best thing about every workshop we’ve ever organised under the Local is Lovely banner is the relationships that evolve so sweetly out of each one. Friendships are made, collaborations are dreamt into life and the ripple effect of bringing together all these creative people under one roof, surrounded by beautiful food and countryside,…

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Kurrafalls, a free range life

About 10kms from our farm there’s a property called Kurrafalls and it’s home to Lisa Darley, Quenten Jones and their kids Will (9) and Darcy (5). Across the farm’s 303 rolling acres they run free range and much loved chickens (layer and meat chooks), cows and Dorper sheep, and at their front gate is the…

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Dispatches from the field

Last weekend we hosted a lunch on the farm (right out on the farm) and thank goodness all the stars aligned to make it just the most fantastic day. There was no wind, it wasn’t too hot, no flies, no snakes, lots and lots of beautiful green grass and three courses of tasty seasonal goodness…

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tamsin's table col2

Tamsin’s Table, apple cakes and cinnamon knots

Tamsin Carvan is one of my all time food heroes. In the 15-odd years I’ve been writing about food, cooks and chefs – her approach to cooking, style and generosity of spirit has inspires me more than anyone. I love Tamsin’s seasonal, considered approach to growing, cooking and sharing good food, and I love her…

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Sourdough donuts-5

Sourdough donuts, dogs and swollen creeks

Our great friends Sammie and Simon came to stay this weekend and, because the former had put in an advance request for donuts – that’s what I made. And inspired by another friend’s recent successes with sourdough donuts, I went down that road, and it was a good one. So to celebrate having visitors, a…

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