My Open Kitchen Podcast is live!

Hello! It is with equal parts excitement and nerves that I’m writing to you today to say that the My Open Kitchen podcast is live! My lovely co-host Skye Manson and I have been working on this project for the past few weeks and are really proud to now have it ‘out there’ for your listening pleasure!

The podcast is dedicated to telling stories from behind the farm gate and sharing great things to read, cook, think about and learn. From interviews with inspiring farmers, cooks, and producers to practical information on how we can all use social media to build supportive and engaged communities, new episodes will go live every Tuesday.

There’s also a brand new blog dedicated to My Open Kitchen (screenshot below) where we’ve posted photos, recipes and all the links/show notes from episode one. So please jump over and take a look;

Big thanks to Kristine Lindbjerg for her beautiful design work on our header and Victoria from Reindeer Riot for building us a beautiful online home for the podcast.

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 12.37.15 PM

Episode one features interviews with lovely Molly Yeh (shown above mid-interview with Skye!) and Tamsin Carvan, plus our favourite apps, people to follow, things to eat and music to listen too. It is, we hope,  a happy, relaxed and inspirational show and while our first offering is rather long (going forward length will be around 40 mins), we think it’s a great way to pass time in the car, folding laundry, exercising or cooking!

To listen, please visit the My Open Kitchen page, or better yet listen and subscribe to us via I-tunes, just search for My Open Kitchen in the podcast page of your i-tunes browser or smartphone app and we will pop up (round yellow logo).

And f you like the show, please subscribe and rate us on i-tunes. This is very helpful to us in the podcast’s early days as it helps us spread the word and keep going!

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    • Sophie says

      Thanks Jane – your ears might have been burning today…we were talking about you on episode three! Will let you know when it goes live. Sx

  1. Sian Therese says

    I love finding new podcasts, this sounds perfect! Can’t wait to listen. What a fabulous idea! Well done to you, it looks beautiful!

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